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Mat cutting basics
Sharing and helping others learn Mat Cutting.  Turning a simple class into a book
designer mat cutting
creative mat corners
mat cutting craft for corners
Fun mat cutting for buffalo
office mat cutting
                      memories, kida artwork
simple mats NOT

deborah housley

My new book
Around The Image
By: Deborah Housley
*Learning how to CUT your own mats *
SALE  $4.99 for download

Buy the Work Book-
printable for 2.99
and have it emailed to download


Looking for a NEW hobby?

Want to Learn something NEW?

Trying to express your Creative side?

This is a different kind of Craft

Simple book about Mat Cutting

Learn basics about mat cutting and picture framing

Learn up to 4 mat cutting designs

Great fun cutting your own mats, save money too!

KISS (keep it simple silly) principles used in this book

Adult education class in book format

Learn mat cutting kindergarten style, everyone can learn to cut your own mats and enhance your pics, cross stitch, artwork, and more....
enhance your cross stitch with matting
                      making history with special mat cuts
add to your crafts with mat cutting
decorate your walls with creative mat
make your photos pop with special mat
mat cutting makes graduation memories
multi windos with mat cutting
pet photos with fun mat cuts
unique wedding captured with special mat
gift certifiates look nicer with mat cutting
hobbies turned professional with mat cutting
hand cut mats with symbols
learn mat cutting to help your walls


Around the Image -Designer matting and picture framing
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