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I grew up in Poland, Maine since I was 10 years old.  My prior years were in Needham, Massachuesettes.

In 1989 my career as a matting and picture framer had it’s origin out in Seattle, Washington on the Air Force base when I was on active duty.  The base framing shop was offering courses.
I have always been creative so I had many cross stitch projects that I wanted to get on the wall, as many of you folks reading this might also have.  The army base next door had a photo lab, which  I also learned to develop photos now needing to be hung on the wall.

I took the first course the frame shop had to offer. From there I took every course they offered in advanced matting and  I loved the creativity I also found there.
In 1995, I moved back home to Maine.  I went back to college to study Dental Hygiene.  While going to school I worked at two frame shops, Deck the Walls in the Maine mall (no longer there), and artist and craftsman.  Soon thereafter, my friends and family asked me if I would frame their artwork.  At first I thought, sure I love the creativitty I might as well keep it close to home.  The volume increased so I eventually bought my own mat cutter to work from my house.
After spending 20 years in the Air Force reserves, I have seen many styles of mat cutting.  I realized there designs all around us, if we look with an open and creative mind.  Some of my designs I have seen somewhere during my travels, others come from a variety of sources, and some are a combination of many put together in my mind coming out as a newly fashioned cut.  Mat cutting is similar to sewing in that you can put several designs together coming up with a unique version of cuts.  Also like sewing some appear simple and others complicated taking time to cut correctly.
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